About us - Polenta Valsugana

Our rich, tasty aromas and flavours will bring back memories and make you relive the intense sensory emotions of yesteryear.

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Tasting our polenta means setting off on a journey far back in time, one that has taken us all the way across the ocean to recreate the flavours of home.

Our exclusive method

Its unmistakable aroma, flavour and texture hold a secret. The special double steaming process makes the maize flour suitable for quick preparation, enhancing its unique taste.

Our sustainable approach

Everything we are given by the Planet must be used consciously and it is our responsibility to make the most of it, while also contributing to the fight against waste.

Always a
good idea!

With Polenta Valsugana your imagination takes shape. Savour it in a thousand different ways: its versatility is perfect for creating dishes that are always new and appetising.