Our exclusive method - Polenta Valsugana

We strive hard to carefully select the finest kernels of our maize, grown in Italy under the watchful eye of careful quality controls.

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Expert agronomists, the protagonists of the first phase of production, carefully follow each stage of growth of the raw material. After sowing, special threshing machines used to avoid allergen contamination are used for the harvest. The cobs are then crumbled to produce a grain that undergoes a thorough drying and cleaning process. By reducing the moisture in the grains, their nutritional characteristics and flavour are preserved. Using an optical sorter, agronomists subject the grains to a test, which only the best ones pass.


The sorted maize, 100% Italian, is taken to the mill, where the second stage of its processing takes place, the milling that gives rise to the flour. For Polenta Valsugana Classica, only the noblest parts of the grain are milled in order to obtain a flour that is low in fat and highly digestible.


In the last stage, the polenta begins to come to life. The flour, partially cleaned in the mill, is further analysed, paying attention to two fundamental aspects: grain size, which is essential to ensure the absence of lumps during cooking, and purity, i.e. the absence of any residual germ that may have been present during milling. This is when we apply our method: the exclusive double steaming process, so ensuring a twofold advantage, namely a speedy cooking process and that irresistible flavour.