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Food Quality and Safety Policy

BONOMELLI, aware of the organisational context in which it operates and the needs of its stakeholders, is fundamentally committed to pursuing the following strategies in the production of its products:

– Production and innovation: production efficiency, the development of innovative products and the search for new markets is to be pursued by ensuring the quality of its products and the ability of the Bonomelli organisation to fully respond to customer needs and satisfaction;

– Quality and health protection of the products made: the quality of BONOMELLI’s production, the primary objective of the entire organisation “to be pursued to ensure competitiveness”, has as its founding basis the commitment to meet applicable food safety requirements, including legislative/regulatory requirements and those agreed with customers;

– Sustainability: BONOMELLI promotes a sustainable development model through the use of resources that do not compromise the needs of future generations, respecting people, the environment and society as a whole, as well as the requirements of technical, administrative, national and international regulations and standards.

To achieve these goals and make them transparent to its customers, BONOMELLI has set up, applied and is committed to improving over time, a Food Safety Management System that, based on the requirements of the main international reference standards (ISO 22000, FSSC 22000), becomes an operational tool and a reference for all operators involved in the production of the company’s products. To implement, consolidate and improve the Food Safety Management System, the company management undertakes to: 

– make available the necessary resources to pursue the company’s strategies/objectives, and implement continuous development projects which enable the company to be competitive and at the forefront in the industry in which it operates;

– develop appropriate management tools (clear company organisation, control plans, safety systems for food quality and hygiene, IT management tools, staff with the necessary experience and skills, efficient hardware and software, etc.) to effectively address all problems related to product safety and legality;

– foster effective communication systems, both inside and outside the company, in order to ensure that information on food safety issues (which may come from all levels of the BONOMELLI supply chain) is available and understood by the company managers concerned;

– pursue the satisfaction of customers and stakeholders involved by ensuring compliance with their requests, systematically assessing the results, and anticipating any expectations in relation to market evolution, technological innovation and sustainability and respect for the environment;

– implement a hygiene and health self-control system based on hazard analysis and control of critical points (applying the HACCP method), on work instructions describing good hygiene practices (adoption of prerequisite programmes), on checks/controls (to guarantee product conformity throughout the various stages of the production process) and on a traceability and early warning system, capable of preventing/eliminating any hygiene and health hazards on the product;

– adopt effective regulatory updating systems that enable the company to maintain a high level of attention to the provisions laid down by the regulations/legislation in force, particularly on hygiene and health, in agreement with the relevant health authorities;

– promote the involvement, motivation and growth of human resources. Ensure adequate staff involvement, motivation and training, in order to ensure their ongoing competence, multidisciplinary training and ability to work as part of a team. Respect collective labour agreements. Pursue, in personal relations, conduct aimed at respecting ethics, cultures and/or religious denominations;

– Ensure the involvement and awareness of the entire supply chain concerned in maintaining and improving the safety, legality and quality of the products manufactured. In particular, pursue the continuous improvement of the quality of products and services purchased, through close cooperation with suppliers, and also developing partnerships;

– ensure the increasing spread of the Risk Based Thinking approach at all levels and implement a systematic assessment and management of risk and opportunities;

– pursue the continuous improvement of the performance of corporate processes in compliance with applicable regulations and the needs of stakeholders;

– operate in a careful and consistent manner with the principles of sustainability and respect for the environment provided for by current legislation and/or suggested by international standards, managing the various resources in a careful and prudent manner, seeking to minimise waste.

– The aforementioned commitments are understood and pursued by all BONOMELLI staff, guaranteeing the wholesomeness of the finished product and the continuous improvement of the Company’s Food Safety Management System. 

– As a fundamental support to this industrial strategy, the Management undertakes to disclose this Quality Policy to all personnel and external collaborators and make it available to all interested parties by publishing it on the website. Its contents will be periodically reviewed to ensure its continued suitability for the company’s strategies. 

On the basis of what is defined in this Quality Information and with a view to continuous improvement, each year the Management defines the specific measurable objectives that will be the subject of evaluation for the annual review of the Quality System.

Zola Predosa (BO), lì 25 agosto 2020

Bonomelli – Div. Cannamela
Direzione Generale
Marco Giovanni FERRARI